Embedded solutions- with the confluence in technology, rapid optimization of electronics for the product advancement, forms the major trend in engineering development. Embedded System Services forms the backbone of the Engineering automation. Qmax Systems continuously innovates to gratify its customers on consumer electronics or industrial automation without adversely impacting the development time and cost, thereby providing highly customized products expeditiously to meet the growing demand.

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Android Hardware Products

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Linux Hardware Products

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With our experts in assembly level programming and embedded C programming we have designed and developed Low Cost Sensors and Single Board Computers running on Low Level Firmware with no OS. Our engineers are well trained on board bringup of processors varying from ARM, Intel, MIPS, IBM and Freescale PowerPCs.

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Want to design a complete Home Automation solution or just Wireless dongles?

Network of devices has transformed the world into a more intelligent and interactive environment. Machine to Machine communications (M2M) covers a wide variety of protocols, domains and applications endeavors connectivity of devices, systems and services uniquely through the embedded computing systems interoperating within the internet structure. IoT emerges as the convergence of wireless technologies, MEMS and Internet with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network.

We at Qmax has designed zigbee, Bluetooth, GSM and WiFi dongles in various shapes and sizes which can run on watch batteries for months. A few products which we have recently delivered on "Internet of Things" are