1. EverythingPCB.Com :

A printed circuit board (PCB) mechanically supports and electrically connects with electronic components using conductive tracks, pads and other features etched from copper sheets laminated onto a non-conductive substrate.

Advantages of PCBs are

  • The Electronic circuit characteristics will be maintained without introducing parasite capacitance with a proper circuit board design.
  • The Component wiring and assembly can be mechanized in a circuit board manufacturing facility.
  • A PCB’s offer uniformity of electrical characteristics from assembly to assembly.
  • The location of electronic part is fixed and so it simplifies components identification and maintenance of equipment.
  • The Inspection time is reduced because printed circuitry eliminates the probability of error.
  • Chances of the miswiring or short-circuited wiring are minimized.

  • Dis-Advantages

  • The Re designing is required for the new type of the circuit operation.
  • Very hard to the get repaired if it gets damaged.
  • We can't update it, once printed.
  • Etching of this PCB generate chemicals which are the harmful for the environment
  • Advanced PCB's may contain components - capacitors, resistors or active devices - embedded in the substrate.

  • 2. PCBLibraries.Com :

    The PCB Library Expert separates static stable data (component dimensions) from the ever changing data (library design rules). The program stores component dimension in a file called FPX and the Rules in a file called DAT. When component dimensions are mated with the rules, the PCB library footprint is auto-generated.

    Therefore a user can have a single database of component dimensions and pair them with any number of various rule files to batch create customized libraries for different applications for a variety of applications. EAGLE not only helps you design your board, but also saves you times by providing direct connections to experienced, high-quality PCB manufacturer for fast quotes on PCB fabrication.


  • Save time by getting the fast quotes for PCB fabrication
  • The Get prototypes turned around in as little as one day
  • Connect to qualified, trusted manufacturing partners

  • Decide between four board specifications:

  • Quick turn PCB Prototypes
  • Full Specification Prototypes
  • Low Cost Production
  • Custom PCB Quote

  • 3. SignalIntegrity.Com :

    Signal Integrity archives contain hundreds of the detailed, comprehensive answers to complex question, plus archives of editorial articles written for EDN magazine and other publications. This is an advanced-level course for experienced digital designers who want to press their designs to the upper limits of speed and distance.

    4. Ultracad.Com :

    Ultra CAD is now offering a "Universal License" that allows access to ALL Ultra Cad’s PC-based calculators and tools (except Android apks), for one convenient purchase and at a considerable saving.UltraCAD is introducing a series of Apps for Android. Currently there are a series of four of them, modeled after Ultra Cad’s existing calculators.

    5. Confac.Com :

    PC Board also supports ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) and Telnet access via the Internet. The open source terminal emulator Sync TERM, available for Win32, Linux, FreeBSD, Net BSD, Open BSD, Solaris and Mac OS X can be used for example to connect to the few remaining PC Board BBS installations that are connected to the Internet.

    Standard PCs then and which are needed to connect an external modem to a computer. This made multiport card like the G-Tek "Blackboard", "BBS550" or "Smartcard" and the "Digi Card" by Digit International popular among sysops. Other option were internal multi-modem cards and multiple computers connected by local area network.

    6. Ami.Com :

    AMI helps to keep electronics design skills up to date, as it allows significant exposure to high end commercial electronics design and simulation tools. Combined with the fact that the practical oriented modules are part-time, flexible and involve "hands on design" via the Internet, meant that they have been a most convenient means for keeping skills up to date.

    7. Speedingedge.Com :

    Speeding Edge uses a TDR to measure transmission line impedance. TDR consists of a voltage step generator that launches very fast rise time pulses down the line to be tested and a sampling oscilloscope that monitors the voltage that travels on the transmission line. From the size and the polarity of a reflection,transmission line impedance can be measured.

    8. Free Lists.Com :

    There are several basic steps involved in producing a printed circuit board (PCB). Most designs begin with a hand drawn schematic and design plan. With these, the circuit is prototyped and tested to verify that the design works correctly.