How can Qmax meet my tight schedule?

We will be able to reduce design cycle time by the below mentioned approaches:

How do you meet quality?

Does Qmax sign NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements)?
   Yes, we routinely sign NDAs to safeguard the customer’s IP. All Qmax employees are bound by NDAs with Qmax.

Who owns the Intellectual Property?
   The IP always belongs to the customer. We transfer all engineering drawings to the customer at the various project stages and at the project completion.

Will Qmax able to follow the client process and guidelines?
   Yes. By default we will follow the IPC and Industry standard practices. We can also follow the client process and guidelines.

How do I monitor the work progress?
   Yes. We share the files with the customer on daily basis

What is the communication model?
   For file transfer, we use secure FTP. For design reviews we use Net meeting

What are all common deliverables the PCB design release package contains?
   The final release package contains the database file, Gerber for all electrical and non electrical layers, Fabrication and Assembly Drawings, Fabrication, Assembly and Test files, Checklist Etc,.

What are all the different engagement models?

  • Time and materials mode: We charge for the actual numbers of hour spend for the designing a particular PCB.
  • Offshore Development Centre (ODC) Model : We will have dedicated resource for your projects and bill on monthly basis.
  • Onsite deployment : We will have our PCB designers working at your site and billed for the number of hours worked.
  • Fixed Bid Model : When we have detailed design inputs we calculate the efforts and give a fixed quote.

Is it possible to have Qmax staff on our site for a limited period of time?
   Yes, this is often done when a project requires very close interaction with the Engineers.

What are manufacturability checks you do before releasing the Gerbers?
   We do one level of CAM check using our cutting edge CAM tools. The typical checks we do are IPC Netlist verification, acid traps, slivers, Solder mask checks etc.

Can we do only PCB library services?
   Yes, we can work on library service too.

Will the library components be made to my specific standards?
   By default we will follow IPC standards for footprint, and IEEE standards for symbols. We can also follow client specific standards.

Is there some kind of verification procedure in place to ensure accuracy?
   Yes, once one librarian creates the component footprint, another librarian will verify it. Our robust verification process ensures ZERO DEFECTS.

Why should we outsource at all?
   Organizations of every shape and size are pursuing outsourcing strategies today. Most are looking for ways to increase their business performance, profitability and competitiveness. Key reasons to tap outsourcing advantages include: