Case Studies

OBD 2 Device with LoRa and BLE

  • Complete product development
  • HW / FW / Linux System Integration
  • Charging and Firmware upgrade of Custom OBD2 Devices
  • Mechanical / Enclosure Design
  • Contract Manufacturing

Project Summary:

This device was developed for anAutomotive solutions company.It is used to read Data from a Car through the OBD Port and send it to a central server. It is also used for indoor location tracking of the car. The device comprises of a STM32F Micro controller.

The Car status data is read from the CAN bus of the vehicle using the OBD translator Chip. This data is fed into the micro controller. The controller uses LoRa to communicate with the Server located on premises and transmits data to it. The device works on different OBD protocols like OBD like ISO, J1850, CAN.

There are two BLE radios on board. One is used for communication with other devices nearby, the other one is used as a Beacon for indoor location tracking.

One of the important features of the device is that it acts as s pass through device and the user can plug in any other OBD device at its tail end. This will enable the OBD port to be used even thought this device is plugged in.

The device is hand-held, and Battery operated. It has an 800 mAh Li-Po battery along with the charging and battery protection circuits. It charges the battery from the OBD obtained from the OBD port. The device has an inbuilt cut off mechanism which prevents it from draining the car battery. Once the car battery voltage reaches 11.5V, the device cuts off power ang goes into deep sleep mode.

The device has an accelerometer to find out the status of the car, whether it is idle or running. It also features a special OBD connector to plug into a Smart OBD charging station. The Connectors allows access to Pins from the station for diagnosis and firmware upgrade functions. You can find the details of the Smart OBD Charging station in our portfolio.

In addition to the said features, the device has an integrated LED Torch light on the front end which is a unique feature and was made possible by a special OBD connector design by QMAX. This allows the user to locate the OBD Port in low light conditions.

Important Parts:

  • ST Microelectronics ARMCortex-M0 32-bit RISC MCU.
  • OBDSOL OBD Translator.
  • MultiTech LoRa Module.
  • Raytac BLE Module.
  • ST Microelectronics Accelerometer.
  • Atmel EEPROM.
  • Texas Instruments Li-Po Charger.

Salient Features:

  • Rugged Automotive Product.
  • Multi Radio Design - LoRa, BLE, BLE Beacon.
  • Automotive grade ESD/ EMI / Voltage spike protection.
  • Multiprotocol OBD communication.
  • Integrated LED torchlight.

Qmax Scope of work:

  • Schematics Entry
  • PCB Layout Design
  • PCB Fabrication and Assembly
  • Firmware development
  • Board Bring-up and testing
  • Enclosure Design.
  • Coordination with Mold manufacturer
  • FCC / CE certification
  • Packing Box Design
  • Low volume production