Case Studies

Wearable Biosensor

  • Sports wearable based on Qualcomm QCA4024
  • Complete product development
  • Hardware, Firmware development, RF Calibration
  • BLE 5.0 / Zigbee / Thread
  • BLE Mesh

Project Summary:

The device is a wearable biosensor that can detect six critical health readings. It is based on the Qualcomm QCA 4024 SoC having BLE 5.0, ZigBee and Thread. The biosensor used is Mediatek Sensio MT6381.

Having the form factor of a Watch, It takes readings from thewrists to track heart rate information, blood pressure trends, peripheral oxygen saturation levels and more, all in nearly 60 seconds.

The device is intended to be used by sportspersons for active tracking and performance improvement planning. It can be used in training for Team Sports like football to assess the conditions of all the players and make strategic decisions.

The wearables on all the players can mesh together and form a local network. Data is transmitted over the BLE5.0 or ZigBee mesh network to the Master receiver.

Important Parts:

  • Qualcomm BLE, ZigBee, Thread
  • Mediatek Biosensor
  • Skyworks Power Amplifier
  • FTDI USB to Serial converter
  • Walsin SP3T RF switch
  • Macronix 64 Mb NOR Flash Memory
  • Richtek Buck Regulator
  • Texas Instruments LDO Voltage Regulator

Salient Features:

  • BLE 5.0, ZigBee, Thread.
  • Meshing Capability
  • Multiple I/O pins
  • Serial Communication
  • USB3.0

Qmax Scope of work:

  • Schematics Entry
  • PCB Layout Design
  • PCB Fabrication and Assembly
  • Firmware development
  • RF Calibration and Tuning
  • Board Bring-up and testing